Artists Showcase


Since our launch and thanks to introductions and connections as a result of Social Media coupled with the growing popularity of my music blog I have had the wonder of promoting up and coming artists that are equipped with bags and bags of talent.

Scarlett Lee

Scarlett Lee is a Singer/Songwriter with powerful vocals and her debut EP Love, Lipstick and Lies was released last year and she's always busy working on new lyrics. Her most recent release is Honeymoon Dreams

One of the sites that reviewed her music compared her voice to that of the legendary Aretha Franklin.

Joanna Weston

Joanna is a UK Singer/Songwriter who uses the Folk Pop genre to create wonderful acoustic melodies, originally from the UK she has now settled in Utrecht, Holland and together we're creating a buzz for not only her recently released album Inside Out but also her forthcoming UK Tour.


Héllena is a Soul Pop sensation in the making with impressive lyrical mastery, instrumental expertise and a captivating stage presence this musical star has a bright future ahead of her and I will be helping her promote her music.


Sarantos's passion for music began before he even knew the meaning of the word, his songwriting began at a early age and developed from there and as he grew older he would continue to write whenever the opportunity presented itself.

It is this love and passion for music that has nurtured Sarantos's musical talents. Sarantos releases a new song every month and here at OBs Music UK, we promote these songs via Social Media and also submit it for airplay on Internet Radio.

Nick Festari

Nick has already made a name for himself on the Euro Dance scene and, more significantly, in Japan, where bands and singers have performed songs written by him.

Now he has turned his musical magic to Pop, releasing his debut EP This Is Me Slower and Faster. Nick writes, sings and performs on all six tracks on the genre-busting EP, placing romantic ballads alongside edgier, Punk-Rock tinged tracks.

We are currently helping Nick promote his This Is Me Slower and Faster EP, which was released on July 27.


Portrait is a Singer/Songwriter who produces her own music, she was born in LA, grew up in London and had recently returned back to LA. She is a classically trained pianist with songwriter skills and experience in electronic music production. 

Portrait favours strong melodies, hooks and dynamic productions and draws on a wide variety of musical influences ranging from pop to the weird and wonderful.

Her debut EP Portrait is a journey of experimentation and self discovery.

Lake Lady

Charise Sowells hails from Oakland and performs as soul sensation Lake Lady, her diverse influences include acts such as Massive Attack and Billie Holiday.

She has toured the United States from Los Angeles to New York as a lead vocalist and synth player in The Grayson Wray Project, performed at the 2012 Art Outside festival as the lead singer and synth player in her dream pop duo Notsolow, and she played in France for the Fete de La Musique (World Music Day) with her groove pop duo Lake Lady and the Mountain Man as the lead singer and flautist.

Currently, she is playing in the Bay Area with her own band comprised of vocals, ukulele, bass, accordion and drums. On March 25th, 2016, Charise unveiled her five track EP, Better Day.


Meri Amber

Meri Amber is a geek pop singer-songwriter. Think lasers, kazoos and ninja style world domination. Her sound can be likened to a mesh of bright pop with a smidgen of 90s punk rock stirred in, topped off with a generous sprinkling of pop culture samples and computer game synths.

She’s performed at events as varied as comic conventions, to shows alongside puppets, magicians and medieval swordsmen, doing pre-show foyer entertainment for acts like the Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular and Flight of The Conchords.

Monique Angele

Monique Angele is a unique emerging Canadian singer-songwriter currently based in Australia. Her music blends both classical and pop elements in a style that exhibits both pianistic finesse and soaring vocals.

Monique's performance history makes her no stranger to the stage, possessing a background in solo piano and voice repertoire, opera and musical theatre.

Originally honing her vocal skills in classical opera, she decided that performing her own music was her calling. Her live performances of her original music always convey a charismatic and elegant response from audiences and have won rave reviews wherever she performs.