Scarlett Lee

Profile - Scarlett Lee

Scarlett Lee has a voice that will blow you away and at only 17, she is one talented individual and if she continues on this musical path she will have a bright future ahead of her. Miss Lee puts so much emotion and power into her captivating performances.

Ever since she was little Scarlett has been singing and she always knew it was something she wanted to dedicate her life to.

She loves song writing and the buzz of performing on stage and connecting with the audience.

Her dream is to one day perform at the O2 to a sell out crowd. With the support of not only her family but also her ever increasing fan base (Starletts), Scarlett is making giant strides towards making her dream a reality.

The promotion of Scarlett's music is on going and has taken place across various musical outlets, which range from Internet Radio - including live performances to Music Blogs to Gigs.