Saira Choudhry, Actress (Hollyoaks)

After seeing the video editing services offered , Saira requested our assistance in helping her put together a showreel both for her Spotlight page and also for her Drama and Dance School.

Saira Choudhry's Acting Showreel

A Showreel of what TV Talent Agency has to offer

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OBs Music UK submitted E-Mute's single Miracle to Internet Radio Stations for Airplay.

Scarlett Lee

OBs Music UK will be working alongside the young and talented Scarlett Lee to help this singer/songwriter ensure her music get noticed on not only social media but also

radio stations as well.


OBs Music UK will be working alongside Héllena to help this talented singer/songwriter ensure her music gets the attention it deserves on blogs and also to ensure it gets as much airplay as possible.


OBs Music UK is helping Ilse's recently released single Behind The Scene get airplay.

Joanna Weston

OBs Music UK is helping Joanna Weston promote her album in preparation for her UK Tour, which is set to take place sometime towards the start of next year - 2015.


OBs Music UK is helping Greyce get some buzz for her recently released song Missing You.



OBs Music UK is helping to generate publicity for T.Wong's song Journey via social media and also by getting airplay on Internet Radio.


OBs Music UK is helping promote Sarantos's music through social media and airplay on Internet Radio.


OBs Music UK helped promote Portrait's music by giving her airplay on Internet Radio and also organizing a music event for her to perform at.

Lake Lady

OBs Music UK are promote LakeLady's music by giving her airplay on Internet Radio.

Meri Amber

OBs Music UK are working on developing Meri's UK fanbase.